Goa Day 1 Part II: Struggle with Maps & Batteries

Goa Day 1 Part II: Struggle with Maps & Batteries

I left my last blog where we had been successful in breaking the door of our homestay but still managed not to be thrown out of there. I will continue from there on..

While we were sleeping, the 2/5th part of our gang had arrived in Goa, got a clean car waiting for them at the railway station and so they arrived to our homestay without any hiccups. With their arrival our gang was now in full attendance. We engaged in the usual reunion greetings that is beating, poking and hollering insults at each other.

Waiting for the rest of gang..

The Creative Head and Smoo ( NotToBeNamed ) looked more fresh than the rest of us, well needless to say why. We decided to go to a sunset point and our host suggested the Purple Martini View Point . We looked it up and it was in North Goa, more than a 1 hour drive from our place. We quickly got into the cars to begin our race against the setting sun.

Lordy Voldy and The Technical Head in one car ( big mistake, you will know later) and the rest of us in the second car. With Google maps leading us to Purple Martini we were having a smooth ride until a junction where we took a left turn and the car infront of us didn’t ! We later got to know that the passengers of the car were involved in philosophical talks and thus ignored the insignificant  GPS’s notification.

Purple Martini Sunset

We were still racing against the sun and didn’t care much for the two them, when suddenly the GPS planned to ditch us , leaving us with the challenge of both reaching the destination and in time. But Smoo and me, made use of our excellent direction sense and the stuck GPS Map to navigate our driver ( The Creative Head ) to the sunset point . We reached the point in time and so did those two.

And then it was time for some photos ..

We trying to get in position for picture
It was supposed to be a great pic, but that’s what we managed

Having enjoyed the sunset , next destination was the Saturday Night Market, which was just 15 minutes away. Lordy Voldy and The Technical Head had already exhausted the batteries of their phones, so we gave them Smoo’s phone with destination set in Google Maps. Both the cars then drove towards the same destination, but only one managed to reach and by this time you can guess which one. The next half an hour was obviously spent on locating them and reuniting. The two of them blamed Smoo’s navigation for this.

My Dad with The Creative Head

The gang spent some time roaming here and there in the market, I was there only for the lights and feel of the place, the rest because I wanted to go. But Smoo had an agenda, he had to buy a gift for someone. He decided to buy a jacket for that someone, and he sought help for that from The Technical Head , our very own shopping expert . He was himself very stunned at the ask of his help and no he didn’t act unpredictably he was of no use to Smoo.

Well after spending some more time, we decided to leave for our homestay as we had booze plans for the night , after all it was Lordy Voldy’s Birthday Eve ! This time having learnt from our past mistakes we didn’t let The Technical Head and Lordy Voldy go alone , I was tagged with them. Our duty was to pick booze and snack on our way back to home while the other es were entrusted with the responsibility to get dinner .

Yes, I know you are waiting for things to go wrong here and I won’t disappoint you but the catch is this time Lordy Voldy and The Technical Head are not involved . We picked up booze , also the snacks and reached our homestay via the right route. So what happened in the other car?

Navigation was running on Smoo’s phone and his phone was running critically low on battery. The Creative Head’s phone was already dead and my Dad’s phone was not catching signal. So searching for dinner took back seat, focus was to reach home before Smoo’s phone’s battery runs out. What was feared happened, battery got over ! But, we are lucky people so at the same time when Smoo’s phone went black, Dad’a phone caught signal and they could route back to homestay .  Well they reached home, to my disappointment without food .

So, that’s about it for our struggles with the GPS . It amazes me how much our gang can achieve within a single day .. Next up Lordy Voldy’s Birthday 😉


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