Havoc: Goa Arrival of 3/5 of Gang

Havoc: Goa Arrival of 3/5 of Gang

The first time we went to Goa, we came together via train that started from The Nizamudin Station of Delhi . This time however we reached Goa from three different mode of transports .

The technical head and I reached Goa via Air because you see we are rich and prefer comfort now, Lordy Voldy opted for the Bus route as he wanted to enjoy the beautiful roads that lead to the destination  and the last batch : The Creative Head and NotToBeNamed arrived by train because they wanted to travel via the nostalgic lane.

Yeah I know you don’t believe it, but we will stick to our version of the story. So moving ahead, the technical head and I were the first one to arrive in the land of beaches and plenty of sun. Our rented car was waiting outside the airport, as promised by the technical head! Just that our next stop was not our home stay , not beach but car washing station. We So yeah we spent the first 1 hour of our trip soaking the sun at the car stop, while I hoped we could have gone to Dona Paula View point before picking up Lordy Voldy from bus stop.

The car obviously had no fuel, and we had to head to a fuel station. Normally, when you are in a different city and you are trying to locate something, you keep the speed slow but that’s not the case with the technical head. Hence we missed the fuel station, but google maps helped us reach one just in time.

Meanwhile, Lordy Voldy has arrived and he was waiting for us . We quickly headed to the Panjim Bus Stop and as expected we didn’t find him there . The next half hour was spent in locating him. That’s not unusual for us, I could actually write another blog about “Adventure of picking Lordy Voldy from Bus Stop”

All these updates were being given to the passengers of the train, who were currently enjoying the meals being given by Rajdhani Express. They still had time and were glad they were not part of all this mayhem though were concerned for me , but I doubt that.

After picking up Lordy Voldy, we went to our home stay . We had opted for home stay in Panjim as it being the central location. We found a beautiful home stay on Airbnb hosted by Ryan who himself lived on the ground floor.  The place was magnificent, spacious, clean, had a big drawing room with a big tv, a great balcony and a nice swing there. Ryan was a delightful person who greeted us very warmly.

We were all very hungry by this time. We quickly freshened up , changed to our Goa clothes and left for Cafe Bodeza. And now is definitely the time to reveal to you our “Technical Head” in his all new Goa clothes ! From the last post you know I couldn’t do anything about the colour of shoes . But I think I did a pretty good job with the rest .

Coming back to Cafe Bodeza, it is an art cafe and it had small galleries within it. When you arrive at the establishment, you wonder whether there is food here but don’t worry just keep walking inside and you will find yourself in the open area where the action is happening. We ordered “some food” and had it . Please do not order the red velvet cupcake even though it may look tempting on other people’s plate.

Our next stop was Morjim Beach, this was the nearest place to our home stay so we thought of checking out. It was pretty average beach, and the swimming was also restricted due to high waves . We only spent about 30 minutes here, the main highlight was having orange bar ice cream.

We then drove back to our homestay, harmless journey just until the end. Our owners home had a sliding wrought iron door that needed to be pulled aside for the car to enter inside and be parked. Sounds easy enough ? Lordy Voldy thought it to be the perfect object to show his might and pushed it with all his strength such that it slided all the way past it’s latches. As a result we were not able to close the door back. But the technical head and Lordy Voldy tried to fix it, which led to the iron door just falling on the bike and a passing by ICU Van(nobody was inside) . This then led to traffic jam being created on the street, the traffic police coming in and just a tiny bit of trouble for our owner.

Thankfully Ryan didn’t throw us out of the homestay and still talked to us amicably which I think must have been hard . After this incident, Lordy Voldy and The Technical Head decided to take a nap which I think was the best decision for everybody…

Stay tuned to the next part where the rest of the gang arrives and how we spend the evening ..

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