Kerala Day 1: There is nothing good here

Kerala Day 1: There is nothing good here

Our Kerala Trip, the one we were looking forward to since last week of September finally kick started today. You guys must be thinking Kerala Trip of January was planned so much in advance ? But that’s the optimal time according to our Creative Head, you should get some hint from the time he took to write his first blog .

This time The Creative Head and Smoo were the first to land at the Cochin International Airport via the Vistara Airlines . The Delhi fog didn’t delay their flight hence they were in Kochi at 9:00 AM , whereas at the same time Dad and I were at airport enjoying breakfast in lounge and the rest of the two well probably on their way to office.

When you party all night and are the first to arrive !
Airborne to Kochi from Bangalore .

Dad and I, arrived at Kochi around 12:00 and just walked out the plane directly to the terminal and found them waving at the gate . I will call it beauty of Small Cities ? We picked our luggages , moved to car parking where our cab with Mr. Diver were waiting .

Please not the mention of driver here, we didn’t rent cars for self drive this time given that we had so much fun in Goa about that. Also note, we hired an Innova so that we all our in the same car, another mistake corrected.

The Car was immaculate and our Driver seemed like a nice guy . Our first stop for the day was going to be Fort Kochi . Our Driver told us that’s it not really a great place to visit , there is nothing there but we told him we still want to cover the point anyways before moving to Alleppey.

Sipping coconut water from yellow coconut

The main Kochi City is about 30 KMs from the airport and “Fort Kochi” was further 7 kms away . On reaching the point, we realised that Fort Kochi is not a Fort but a “Port”. No, don’t doubt me this is on The Creative Head. But anyways, as we were there we took a stroll of the port, drank coconut water, clicked some snaps and appreciated the un maintained fish smelling port with due diligence . It also served as place for The Creative Head’s bathroom stop. It was already lunch time but we decided to cover some distance and decided to stop on the highway for lunch.

When we think of Highway food stops, our minds picture those Murthal Dhabas and the Haveli, which used to be our hunger stops while traveling to Punjab . South is well another story. Our Driver stopped at small decent joint which was serving chicken Briyani . We were so hungry by that time that we had no time for criticism or choice and just attacked the food. We even managed to appreciate it , which I don’t think we would have done it under less hungry circumstances.

Looks good?
Our attack on the lunch

We reached Pagoda Resorts in Allepey at 4:30 pm and did a quick check in. Our Driver was skeptical about the resort, he told us the resort is probably not good because nobody came to pick our luggage at first. We had to convince him that the delay was because the resort was dealing with lot of customers and that it was okay. We dumped our luggage, quickly freshened up and decided to leave for Allepey Beach.

Our Driver was again disappointed by our choice and told us that there was nothing spectacular about the beach, in fact there is nothing to see in Allepey. We had to again tell him that we still want to go . We reaching in couple of minutes .

The Beach was bustling with people, you cannot swim here but you can definitely feet dipping . There was lot lite flying happening on this beach, firsr of it for me.

We witnessed the first sunset of our Kerala vacation here and sunsets on beaches are never anything less then spectacular. Water adds a charm to things that is spell bounding to me . You can look at the sea , it’s waves for endless hours and still want to keep looking at it..

For tomorrow, we have the house boat planned which our Driver think is the only right think we are going to do. So keep watching this space as we move to Day 2 .

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