Kerala Day 2: Backwaters Trip in Venice of East

Kerala Day 2: Backwaters Trip in Venice of East

We woke up on day two with high spirts and filled with excitement for two reasons. First, Lordy Voldy and The Technical Head had arrived the previous night, inspite their ridiculousness they complete our group , the kids of our group. Second, today we were going on a day trip in the Backwaters of Alleppey – famously known as “Venice of the east” . The anticipation of that was making us buoyant the entire morning.

Helping each other with the breakfast

As quickly as it was possible we freshened up, had breakfast and got ready to leave .

Walking , running .. backwaters here we come

Who could be the dampner to the backwaters mood ? Our Driver ! On our way to the pick point, he enquired about which houseboat and the price we had payed. He was baffled by our choice of opting for a day tour and that we were not staying overnight. At this point, I was wondering why do humans need to talk, it would be so tranquil without it. Thankfully for him, the drive was short and we reached without any blood being shed.

By the look of pickup point, it was hard to imagine something beautiful could start from here but then nature is always there to prove you wrong. While we waited for our boat, there was a small bridge where we did some photo clicking and during one of the photos I was clicking our boat arrived in the background, which I didn’t believe it was ours because it looked exquisite.

After it was pronounced that the boat was ours , we boarded the boat and embarked on our journey. Just before we were about to leave, we asked our Driver how was our boat and he said: “Not Bad”. So perked up by our boat we spent first 15-30 minutes exploring the interiors of the boat. Also, we checked out other boats in our vicinity and felt great in ourselves that we booked a great boat even though most of them were quite similar to ours . Next we had the quick group photo shoot session and then we settled down. Everyone picked their spot and stationed themselves there. You never thought we would settle , no ?

Settling down..

By this time our boat had crossed the crowd of other boats and now we were sailing in open waters at a peaceful speed, the calm starting to descend on us as the cool breezes started to touch us. The backwaters are a inter linkage of various canals, lagoons and fresh water lakes. We entered many narrow canals in our journey, where we were spectator to how local life goes about around the backwaters. People there have their own small private boats for their daily commute use just like you may have a two wheeler on the land. Unbelievable things only before you travel.

The Vastness

I personally liked when we used to open into the vastness of the waters from the narrow canals. The Creative Head was confused, he wanted the canals when in open and the lakes when in canals, rehashing to the point where he wanted all. The pinnacle of the trip was opening to the Vembanad Lake. It was immeasurable and left me spellbound with its mesmerising infinity views. Adding further enrichment to this experience was being treated with matka kulfi right there. I hadn’t noticed until then that were ice cream vendors circling the lake on their small motor boats , which they tied with a rope to your Houseboat with such ease while doing the dealings with you.

Much to Lordy Voldy’s dismay, our boat was brimming with punjabi hip hop songs which were impregnating his thoughtful conversations with the nature. We didn’t change the songs. Before we halted of our lunch, our boat made a quick stop at a place where one could devour on crabs and coconut waters. The food experimentalists, Smoo and The Technical Head jumped off the boat to try the crabs and came back with the same speed back after seeing the huge size of the crab which they were supposed to have. We travelled a bit more and then stopped for lunch.

The scrumptious meal laid for us..

Notice the masala fish fried in the picture ? Yes, it was fresh caught and cooked in authentic Kerala style. Also, the same reason we didn’t want it. Don’t ball out, we are travellers but when it comes to food are tastebuds don’t go beyond the North Indian cuisines. The maximum variety we add is the Italian food . But, we do appreciate the cuisines of the world and so did we of the Kerala , hence we gave the fish a try laid so beautifully for us.

Fish we didn’t want

After a 30 minute break, we started our return journey which most of us spent sleeping in the afternoon sun. The sun was soaring high but the breezes of backwaters kept us cool. The return journey was a quick or so we felt. Before the journey, we were afraid that we would get bored of the backwaters and were happy to be proven wrong. But, that doesn’t mean we could have done the overnight stay thing.

Our Driver was waiting for us at the pickup/drop point and even managed to ask us did we enjoy it. We replied in affirmative. He then told us that his remark “Not Bad” led him into troubled waters with the boat owner who reprimanded him for commenting on his boat like that. Finally to my delight, somebody taking his case.

How could our trip of sea, sand and sun end without a trip to another beach ? We were to head to “Marari Beach” for the sunset. And any guesses on our driver’s reaction ? He was left aghast by our decision and reminded us there was “nothing in that beach similar to Alappuzha Beach” . He was all the more objecting because it was 17 kms away, so he reminded us if we crossed the prescribed km limit we would be charged extra. He still had to drive us to Marari Beach, I think we should be appreciated for our level of patience one, and two covering points despite such force.

The boys taking a dip

Marari Beach was an alluring beach with much more fun n frolic going on than the Alappuzha beach. You could also swim here, but the waves were dangerous and there were no life guards around so you are your own. We had quite a good time here and witnessed a dreamy sunset here . I can’t appreciate the sunsets enough and never can pictures capture the colours that emerge from the sinking sun.

Tomorrow we will be bidding adie to Alleppey and heading to Varkala which our Driver thinks is still a “Fine choice”

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