Kerala Day 3: Varkala , The lazy paradise

Kerala Day 3: Varkala , The lazy paradise

Surprisingly on day three, I was not the first one to wake up rather was woken up by the Creative Head, the trend is generally the opposite. Nevertheless, nobody can match my peppiness in the morning and even more when we were to head to Varkala !

This was not my maiden visit to the beach town, I had been here in 2016 with my mom, memories of the trip still fresh and warm. The drive from Allepey to Varkala was 106 kms long and our Driver has told us he would take around 3 hours to cover it. So we were on the clock, getting ready and doing the packing as quickly as possible .

There are two routes which you can take for Varkala, one the longer the safer the highway route our driver wanted to go and and the second the picturesque route our Creative Head made our Driver take . It was worth all the disgruntlements we had to here from our Driver. Have a look .

We passed a stretch where they were backwaters on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. We were all left open mouthed.

We reached Varkala around 12:30 and our check in was not until 2:00 pm . The Sunview Beach Resort did the first and the last good thing for us, that was providing us the early check in. The resort was one of the many cliff side resorts so we didn’t have to wait much to get view of the pristine Varkala Beach from the red sandstone cliff. A unique experience in itself : the cliff side beach. We settled down in our rooms and as if the tranquility of the place had some got transferred to us, we all sat together for the first beer of our trip and had that famous politicis and cricket talk session.

The Technical Head and I do not contribute to such sessions but you can definitely find us sitting there because we are those kind of people who find solace and happiness in the sounds of laughter’s of our friends which was in plenty at that moment.

The View from our room..

Around 4:00 pm our hunger springs became unbearable and we set out for lunch. There are endless restaurants on the Cliff serving a variety of cuisines and we chose the Trattorias Cafe

I cannot comment about how the food was here because we were famished and just attacked the food voraciously and annihilated it while we savoured the view.

We we walked further ahead to reach Varkala Beach and jumped straight into the waves.

Swimming in the sea was an adventure in itself . The waves were so big and sudden at the beach, that you have to dive in them to avoid getting pounded by them. Sometimes though, a wave builds right on top of you and you have no where to go. I later read that Varkala Beach has biggest, curliest waves in whole of India ! 

And then the moment arrived for which we had been waiting for since the beginning of trip, juxtaposition of the drowning sea and the sea : that moment where the two powers appear to great each other to our naked eye.

Just as the darkness start e to cover the Varkala Beach, we observed small white lights emerging from far in the sea. Few at first and then it became so many of them that it looked like there was another coastline in distance. Walking back to our resort was enthralling at evening with the hippy vibe in full force, music flowing and the fresh catch of the day displayed outside each restaurant. The atmosphere was enough to elate you and maybe the reason why the boys hired bikes to take a tour of the city.

While the boys quickly took bath and rushed off to take the tour of the Varkala town, I struggled with my hair and the sand. I even contemplated if it would have been easier to just cut them off, conquering that thought and beating the sand I emerged 45 minutes later with almost silky hair. Dad and I, then sat in the lawn of the resort facing the cliff enjoying the cold breezes and the roaring noises of the waves clashing with the rocks. The boys arrived and we all enjoyed another round of Beer before heading for a later dinner  ..

All in all, quiet easily the best day of our trip. What next ? Why not find out in the next blog ? Trip is not over yet !

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