The Last Priority: Shopping for The Technical Head

The Last Priority: Shopping for The Technical Head

People would say that shopping with friends is an event. For girls, it is about going from shop to shop trying on outfits after other, all while dishing out juicy gossips. For the other gender, it’s more of go to one shop pick one apparel and then just go for some massive eating session because the whole experience turned out to be very tiring !

I am definitely not talking about that kind of shopping experience here . We are talking about shopping for “the technical head” who is both lazy and finicky, which means he won’t go shop for himself but would also not agree to other people’s choice of shopping for him.

We all ( the supposed authors of this blog ) are going to Goa this weekend and one of course is full of excitement for the trip and does all the preparations for oneself, but I also have to do these for “the technical head” . Don’t ask me why, it’s part of the deeper question, which the creative head of this blog is trying to find an answer to.

I will explain you the absolute the need for this shopping. Last year, I bought two shorts and two dry fit t-shirts for him for the Pondicherry trip and ever since I have seen this guy where only those clothes no matter what the occasion or situation is . He will wear them for squash, wear them while going for swimming, wear them to bed and where them obviously to anywhere that involves water.

Also, we had to buy a pair of slip on sketchers . For one, he likes to break one pair of slippers/sandals whenever he goes on an outing. Two, he is too lazy to wear shoes when we go for walks in evening so he just goes in bathroom slippers.

So how did I achieve success in shopping for this guy? I got angry on this guy one day before, hence he was so scared of me that he agreed to come without a word. That was not part of the plan, but it played beautifully in my favour. We went to Shoppers Stop infront of our office and straight to the sketcher section.

You see this guy is open to colours, only if they are in shades of black, blue and grey. I said no to black, liked the grey but as there was a bit of orange on it so the technical head went for blue. The orange would have just killed the guy. But I had to agree for the next part to go smoothly. Mission accomplished here.

So next was clothes for Goa, now these need to funky but if he had his way funky would never have been the case. So we agreed on the deal that  I get to chose according to my wish, and he on his part is obligated to wear them only in Goa. With this fair deal, I got to pick some colourful clothes for this monolithic guy. He tried by murmuring certain disagreements but I payed no attention.  The clothes will be revealed in our Goa posts, so watch out. Especially for the shorts, I got an intrinsic happiness similar to that of devil while buying them because it defied all rules of “the technical head’s” rule book.

Cheers to as The Creative Head says: “He is Goa proof now !”


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