41 joins New Team @Work

Yes , thank you ! Yes , new beginnings , oh yes new starts – just get over with it already !

I have joined my 3rd new team @Work today and it does not feel wonderful , not yet . This being my third, one is bound to think that I must have got a hang of it but that’s a far fetched story . Let’s start from the very beginning of this agony.

Once you are done enjoying your notice period time and come to that last night before your D-day , the sleep mysteriously absconds you. It leaves you battling with the glorious thoughts of tomorrow and at the same time counting the leftovers hours of sleep.

Above very much sets base for a dreadful day , but you still try to give a fight and why not after all we need to amuse the person sitting above all of us . The next thing then we spend our brains on is: What to wear . “Is it too formal ?” or “Is it too casual ? ” or “Is it too bold?” etc etc. Being a girl doesn’t make it easy .

Adorned in your best effort clothes, you face the next challenge – What time should you be in the office ? Too early or Late and make a star entry ? Like the daring person you are , after much deliberation you make the un-orthodox choice of reaching early. Then we sit there dumb and wait for someone to save us from the questioning eyes of people around you.

Lucky you, if your manager saves you from the above situation and you both together begin the next part of the awkward first day journey. You just tag along behind him, while he figures out Where do you sit ! There is apparently never a designated seat for you, somebody is in vacation or this person just left so you can just take it .

You are in your seat , sitting between a bunch of people who still don’t know you. You have no other option but to sit, because at leat among Techies , we don’t initiate conversations . No, its a pure golden rule not mean’t to be broken , definitely not on your first day.

Finally, when you are starting to lose hope , it gets better. Your manager finally introduces you to your team and your mentor. Everybody is hurdled into a stream of awkward introductions and short conversations . You are given some ramp up documents / videos to go through and now you can peacefully get bored at your desk.

Leaving is the easiest part of the day. Leave anytime post afternoon . Nobody cares , ONLY on your first day . You need to figure out the right time in the upcoming days, buddy .